1. Ready for Katie’s birthday visit mmmm


  2. Fucking sorted mate.


  3. thejordanator:

    Please watch this.

    British journalist Jon Snow sums up the crisis in Gaza in three minutes.

    He explains what he saw and the reality of the situation.

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  4. cuddles-wullington-the-third:

    When people won’t get out of your car


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  5. What am I doing on this website I cannot stand Quentin Tarantino or his films, I think Hilary Clinton is a disgusting war criminal, I hate the Arctic Monkeys and I’ve groaned thru every post-Zissou live action Wes Anderson film


  6. Mmmmm…daddy…

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  7. nice


  8. Mmmmm even better. Fucking intense lightning too. Tried to film some and just got pissed off but take my word for it bbs <3


  9. Mmmm. Heavy thunder~


  10. fuckyeahzarry:

    When your product is 15$ and the shipping is 50$


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  11. thepeencuisine:

    When ya eyelash falls over into your eye and it hurts so bad congratulations that is now a crylash

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  12. lancrebitch:



    Countries that recognize the State of Palestine

    anybody else notice a trend here?

    FFS Ireland!

    Just something to note: North Korea is highlighted and South Korea isn’t. I hate to venture into apologist territory or derail discussion but the sort of “NK is this beacon of evil and can do no good” tone I see everywhere is so unhelpful.

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  13. twentysomethingvagabond:

    commieinatorytown replied to your photoset

    This is the last place I’d expect to see a cricket reference.

    I just literally do not know. I don’t. Why not set the book in England if you can’t manage to keep the britishisms out?

    Like seriously! And such an obscure reference? Like I can understand cricket expressions that have leaked into the mainstream; to be “stumped” or “knocked for six” are common amongst many. But to have “bowled a googly”? A bowling variation by which a spinner releases the ball spinning in the inverse direction to the previous few balls out of the back of the hand so as to mask the direction of the spin? I can name a handful of cricket fan friends who don’t fucking know what a googly is.


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