1. A truly rank day yesterday. Ranking among the very rankest. Actually holding up today though.


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    Blue Jay

    Braddock Bay Banding Station

    Hilton, NY

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  3. This is Vladimir Putin.

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    kawaii eric

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    #104: Cubone ۞ ~

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  7. Today. All day.


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  9. 9:30pm. Still no job results. Guaranteed today. Um…


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  11. nah mate


  12. Still no call or email, which means I’m just as unsure as I was at 7am this morning. I’ve cried twice today. I really want this job.


  13. This is torturrrre


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    Kosen こせん, sake flask in the form of an Akita dog 秋田, decorative arts, 1930s

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  15. Urgh, feeling soooo sick. No confirmation yet but I can’t help but think that if they were gonna call me they’d have done it by now - I only get an email if I fail which is much less urgent. I told myself I wouldn’t get this worked up over this like I did last interview, but fuck, I really want this job. And with every month desperately trying for anything, the emotional charge waiting for results just gets higher and higher. At this point I just know I’m gonna cry either way.